On the Issues: 


Housing is one of my most passionate priorities. Becoming a homeowner in Hillsboro has made me look at the whole of a city, rather than just a neighborhood. As a Board member of Willamette West Habitat for Humanity, I know that housing isn’t just apartments or detached housing, though that is what is currently in our planning model. With the passage of HB 2001, new modalities of home building can flourish and accommodate more types of housing arrangements.

I live in an older neighborhood where duplexes, triplexes, family

homes and granny flats exist in the same few blocks. The neighborhood has experienced a great deal of development and we have seen that good infill can be achieved, if it is done with community in mind. Mixed use developments, as had been proposed for Block 67 (between SE 6 th and 7 th , Washington St. and Hwy 8/Baseline) by Project^ achieves some density goals as well as building amenities for the project, It allows for offices for the hospital and two educational institutions that surround the site. I look forward to bringing my experience to fulfilling the vision of creating community as well as building dwellings.

  • I will support the implementation of HB 2001 and keep the types of housing in mind when reviewing proposals using Hillsboro city-owned property. I would like for Hillsboro to be a leader in bringing amenities to affordable housing sites, as they had planned for Block 67, which was considered “attainable” housing. Allowing small businesses to provide goods and services near a development, as well as cultural products to people who may or may not have an automobile will save them precious time better spent with family.

  • Housing and neighborhoods should have transit built in, rather than as a retrofit. Our growing populace is comprised of people from cities and countries with more thoroughly developed transit systems than we currently have. People are aging in place, as well, and may not be able to afford delivery services for their everyday needs. The “last mile”, as transit planners have coined it, will become more important in the future. I will advocate for fulfilling those future needs.

What I will do for housing: