On the Issues


Justice, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Kimberly will work with current task forces and always reach out to the neighborhoods and community groups that contribute to the diversity and life of our city. Together, we will improve participation in civic life and community planning.



Kimberly wants to use the money coming from Metro to build better multi-modal transportation systems in Hillsboro. She wants TV Highway to be more efficient and accommodate more transit. New neighborhoods will be closer to amenities to make it easier to fulfill daily needs.


Small Businesses

Kimberly will work with the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce and other entities to help small businesses develop and build systems to promote them. Small businesses are engines for innovation. They need predictability and promotion by our city to thrive and grow.


Affordable Housing

Kimberly will promote many types of affordable housing in neighborhoods that can accommodate them. She will re-evaluate zoning to insure we have the land stock available to accommodate our housing and growth needs.