On the Issues: 


As a member of the board of the Hillsboro Food Co-op, it is my firm belief that small businesses are an engine for the economy. They not only supply jobs, but they are flexible and able to adapt their marketing and product offerings to build resiliency in a neighborhood. That is why I want to join hands with the excellent work some non-profits have done during the COVID-19 pandemic to bring some process to the allocation of aid. The Chamber has also fostered diverse businesses gathering together to share experiences, build capacity and mutual promotion. I will always root for that.

What I will do for small businesses: 

  • Small business helps employ many people, who consume goods and services. That means that money that goes to a small business stays in the community longer. Reasonably priced commercial space has, in the past, been within a town, usually with less pricey housing above it. Having this as an option can allow a landholder to have multiple income streams, while building a customer base for small businesses. I would advocate for multi-use development to provide commercial space for small business.